Thursday, June 25, 2009

...balls said the Queen...

Hello. Maria Theresa of Austria, a Taurus, was technically the last member of the House of Habsburg. She helped initiate financial and educational reforms, promoted commerce and the development of agriculture, and reorganized the army, all of which strengthened Austria's resources. Continued conflict with the Kingdom of Prussia, (the mall is less than 15 minutes from me) led to the Seven Years War.
A key figure in the power politics of 18th century Europe, Maria Theresa brought unity to the Habsburg Monarchy and was considered one of its most capable rulers. Her 16 children also included Marie Antoinette, Queen consort of France, and Holy Roman Emperors Joseph II and Leopold II. On this day in 1741, Maria Theresa of Austria was crowned King of Hungary. So apparently she did have them!

In 2008, many people didn't think that a woman could be President of the United States. Prince is taking his meds like a trooper and we are trying to be a calm household. He is strong and determined and, like the Queen and King he too has them. I want to go to the river today with the boys and skip work altogether because it is supposed to be in the 90's and sunny all day. They love tubing and it is a crazy sight to see them in the river, but who cares what it looks like? We have fun. I will once Prince (insert positive thinking here) feels better and is up to swimming and wrestling in the water. The 'Bon Appetit Metal Signs' have been discontinued but luckily I found one for Sasha in CA. I removed them along with a few lamps from my website yesterday. I added a few new ones and had the brains to buy them so that they will be in my stockroom. Today's photo is the 'Large Grand Estate Tray with Base' also in stock. Many like to put ceramic balls in them for decorative purposes.
Have a great day, be positive and prepared and, uhm...have a ball.
"It's good sportsmanship to not pick up lost golf balls while they are still rolling." Mark Twain