Monday, June 8, 2009

..for art's sake...

Hello. This weekend was great and it flew by quickly. My nephew spent the time with me and we tried to pack as much into it as possible. The weather cooperated so much of it was spent outdoors. Contessa Del Mar had us over for a cookout and it was delicious. Water guns, swimming pools and cookouts made for a wonderful couple of days. Sunday afternoon we visited PS and his Dad, before the rest arrived and it was quite a sight to behold. His Dad is fast approaching 90, has very poor eyesight and needs two canes to assist him until his hip replacement in a few weeks. That didn't stop him from giving my nephew an extended course in art out on the shaded brick patio. My nephew was transfixed, especially upon learning from the older gentleman that his art should 'not be stifled by coloring books'. Wide eyed, he then took to blank pages and began drawing in pastels without the constraints of coloring book lines. Like the Bee Gees sang in one of their top hits 'Stay In The Lines, stay in the lines. Ah, ah, ah, ah, stay in the lines". He looked much like the chimney sweep from 'Mary Poppins' afterwards, with the grey, black and charcoal pastel remains on his face and hands, but why not? It is important not to hinder artistic talents, no matter what the medium. Brian Jones left the Rolling Stones on this day in 1969 for similar reasons as did Rick Wakeman on this day in 1974, quitting the rock group 'Yes'. He just said 'no'. Speaking of 'Mary Poppins', on this day in 1917 Walt Disney graduated from Benton High School . My guess is that he had pastels, markers and perhaps crayon on his face and hands for the duration of his education. I have pretty much finished painting the Lily Pink, Cream and Green pieces and will deliver next Sunday. We still have pink, cream and green paint remains on our skin and coats and yes, we do shower with regularity. Maybe it is genetic. Have a great day and if you don't feel inspired, look for inspiration. It can come from out of nowhere. Today's picture is 'Evangeline Lily Wall Art.' Lily was here... ( a great ask and response tune with no lyrics.) No lyrics are needed. I love art.
"Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go." Oscar Wilde