Tuesday, June 16, 2009

..oh, hail...

Hi. Last evening weather forecasters called for 1" pieces of hail to fall on Chester County, PA at around 7 pm. We donned our bicycle helmets and waited for the storm. It never showed. It never showered. The huge paper water ice cone that we devised upon learning of the impending storm remains empty. If anyone needs several gallons of cherry syrup, email me. Oh, hail. Before (ahem) Accuweather we didn't have these kinds of alerts so the people of Wisconsin were probably terribly surprised on this day in 1911 when a 772 gram stony meteorite struck the earth near Kilbourn, Columbia County damaged a barn and the young psyches of Timmy O'Hallaharn and his girlfriend Daisy who were making a late light visit to that particular spot. Years later she would continue to remark, "It's always better the first time!" We visited JS yesterday and the boys were entertained by the man made fish pond with waterfall in her beautiful back yard. As the boys stood staring at the fish, I heard a 'kerplung' and little Prince was underwater faster than Joan Rivers agrees to yet another plastic surgery treatment. I grabbed him out immediately but he was a little shaken and a little pissed. He has a ruptured esophagus as it is, being a toy variety so last night and again this morning I made a veritable buffet using every favorite food imaginable to get him to take his meds. When all else failed, I shoved the dropper in his mouth and shot the liquid like a comet down his little throat. Poor little man. He may require a visit to the doctor later today. I hope and pray that his coughing subsides. I also hope and pray for MS, not the disease but my gorgeous neighbor who has her first job interview. I thought that her first foray into a paycheck would be a starring role on Broadway, but sometimes small steps are better than big jumps. Just ask little man Prince. It is overcast here today which does wonders for making us feel like jumping right out of bed, but we did so anyway. The furniture was delivered and looks great and the client is happy. That's what matters. Please also do a God shout-out down VA way as my Dad had another, (minor) stroke. The most horrible thing about this situation is that the hospital does not allow cigars nor Chardonnay. Cretins! Have a great day, avoid hail and comets and for Heaven sake, stay away from the fish pond. Today's photo is 'Koi Fish Hooked Rug.' Get it, 'hooked'.
"Good luck has its storms." George Lucas