Tuesday, June 23, 2009

...a Dr. a day keeps the apple away...

Hello. Yesterday as I had already reported was Dentist and Vet day but I still had time to show JS some fabrics. The vet was most of the evening/night as many tests had to be run on Prince. Turns out he has an enlarged heart and a collapsed trachea. The combination of the heart pushing into the trachea explains his shortness of breath. He was a trooper through the blood work, x-rays and shots and we always hope for the best but one never knows. His brothers are being somewhat quiet as he needs his rest. The day was full and I had little time to eat thus today's title. Do you ever want to let everything go for just a little while? As mature adults we do not have that choice and it is frivolous to even entertain that thought. Drifting away to a tiny island in the sun would be a temporary escape. On this day in 1611 the mutinous crew of Henry Hudson's fourth voyage sets Henry, his son and seven loyal crew members adrift in an open boat in what is now Hudson Bay; they are never heard from again. My hope is that they set up shop, changed their names and lived fulfilling lives. My accessory order arrives today and unfortunately the UPS store near me has closed. I found another one but wish that the one in Frazer was doing enough business to keep rolling. I never like to see that. I receive via FedEx and then send out UPS Ground, if anyone was interested. This has been a challenging year for many of us but we remain strong and positive to the best of our abilities. Interestingly, on this day in 1979 the Charlie Daniels Band released "Devil Went Down to Georgia". My guess is that he is making appearances all over the place in 2009. Have a good day, eat your apple and keep the darkness away.
"Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree." Martin Luther