Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Hello. Today is overcast in Chester County, PA so I may simply tune it out. I have had a couple of weeks where people talk about themselves and it is difficult for anyone else to get a word in edgewise. Have you ever experienced that phenomenon? I know that the full moon will arrive on the 7th of this month but glory be, shut up and listen for a few seconds, would ya! When I joined my new gym and this is now going on three years, another phenomenon was occurring. The music is loud (great), there are about 20 television sets lined across the front of the facility and no one talks. I found this strange as I had just come from a smaller gym when the guys there gossiped more than a bunch of old hens so the change was odd to me but refreshing. May I please finish before you interrupt me??? Oh, sorry. I have been trained to say that recently. Anyway, at my new gym everyone has headphones in their ears. Yes, you did hear me. Along with the loud music and wall of TV sets, people need another barrier to prevent communication, at least by my perspective and observations. Well, it doesn't take me long to get on board. I now walk around with an IPod, even when the thing is off, boldly displaying the headphones stuck into each ear. It is survival of the solitary. I do say hi to a handful of tried and trues, but to the hand, or better yet, the staff. I am busy and committed. (Or should be...) On this day in 1979, the precursor to the IPodwas introduced by Sony calling it the Walkman. Perhaps you have one in that time capsule stored in your basement? Anyway, FedEx delivered my accessory order last week but got there before the shop opens so felt it necessary to double charge me. I enjoy paying twice, don't you? I wrote a polite letter explaining it and know that they will do the right thing. FedEx and UPS are both class acts. The needlepoint pillow order arrived...the one with the Gilded Songbirds. Well, delighted after having waited all of these weeks I opened the box and to my surprise viewed a bunch of bunny rabbit pillows! Awww, shucks. How cute! But, uhm, they aren't the correct f*ck*ng pillows people!!! The packing slip read correctly but someone must have been packing with an IPod on. I demand that they be placed in solitary confinement for one whole week. Not that they weren't anyway. The black and camel Living/Dining Room order is going without a hitch thus far and I am happy. Oh, shhhh, here comes my lovely neighbor and she can see me typing from outside my window! ( She's the one who had the wine glass in her hand the other morning at around 7am). I am not judging, believe me. But my system can only tolerate a good vodka and OJ at that hour, never a full bodied wine. I need to quickly shut the drapes and put on my IPod. Have a great day! Do your best to talk about yourself, think about yourself and not allow anyone or anything to distract you from being the most self centered person possible. (This suggestion may or may not be a good one.)
"If one is lucky, a solitary fantasy can totally transform one million realities." Maya Angelou