Thursday, June 4, 2009

...papa, can you hear me...

Hello. I do not follow 'American Idol' and perhaps may be one of the few who doesn't. I do follow 'Billboard' magazine, the music Bible that is issued every week. I noticed yesterday that two of the contestants, one the 'winner', released the same song in very much the same way and one is achieving quick chart action. People need to be heard and it seems to be a growing need. Life is so hectic and full that some are being passed by when it comes to having an ear to listen. That, along with reality shows and the 'entitled' times in which we live make it hard for those gentler souls who don't thirst for the spotlight...or the green light for that matter. Some may think that one who writes a blog needs special attention which is not my goal. Sometimes the message cannot be ignored tho' and people take interesting and innovative steps to be heard. On this day in 1913 Emily Davison, a suffragette, ran out in front of King George's horse at the Epsom Derby, was trampled and died a few days later. She never regained consciousness. Perhaps she was heard in her own special way. On this day in 1919 Congress approved the 19th amendment which guaranteed suffrage to women, and sent it to the U.S. states for ratification. Yesterday morning a woman driving the cutest little puddle jumper that I could barely see in my rear view mirror of my large truck was beeping and waving her middle finger wildly at me. Perhaps she couldn't see the larger truck approaching the intersection and wanted me to step on the gas. I heard her! I kindly pulled aside and let her go. She barely escaped being hit by the truck and ended up sandwiched between that truck and a garbage truck all the way through one of our most beautiful winding, narrow Chester County roads. I wonder if she heard me laughing? Have a great day, lend an ear to those in need and if someone beeps at you and shoots you the finger, well, I'll leave you to your own devices. Today's photo is my 'Blue Crab Rug'. ...hehe, crab.
"If you hear a voice within you say "you cannot paint," then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced." Vincent VanGogh