Wednesday, July 8, 2009

...calling occupants...

Hello. It is crisp and sunny in Chester County, PA. We are your friends ( please click on the highlighted words) for those of you who are reading this post. For those of you who telepathically gather the information, good for you! Please let me know if spell check works in that realm. On this day in 1947 reports were broadcast that a UFO had crash landed in Roswell, New Mexico. It is alleged that a "flying disc" crashed during a severe thunderstorm near the base at Corona. Not the base of a Corona Beer Bottle tho'. Corona, NM. The investigation and debris recovery was handled by the local Roswell Army Air Field. What do you think? I often wish that I had a flying saucer and some who know me feel that I would fit in nicely with martians. I like to think that there are more inhabitants of this vast universe than just us earthlings. What a waste of a vast universe if this turns out to be the case! Speaking of vast, the rude woman from the pool party never jumped into it, nor did I push her in even tho' I was tempted so the water level was not disturbed. I have had a few 'visits' in my lifetime and believe that there is something more than simply turning to dust when our time is up. I don't share the details with too many as they always seem to ask if I had been tested for drug use during those 'visits'. I keep it to myself and am sure that, with the number of hits I get on this blog alone, that I am not alone in this. Oh yeah, this blog is supposed to be about peddling home fashions so excuse me for a moment while I bore you with key words. Sofa, upholstery fabric, wall decor, Britney Spears undies, framed art. There. Done. Have a great day and if a flying saucer wants to take you for a spin, why not? Today's picture is a martian in a spacecraft needlepoint pillow. Oh wait. No it isn't. It is 'Cat in a Tin Tub Needlepoint Pillow'. My 'vision' must have been off.
"Everyone's quick to blame the alien." Aeschylus