Friday, July 24, 2009

...her name is Lola...

Greetings. It is overcast and grey here in Chester County, PA today. The boys are rambunctious and I don't blame them. We are heading toward the end of July and this Summer is flying. Speaking of flying, Buzz Aldrin yesterday, in the Chicago Tribune stated that his favorite singers are Karen Carpenter and Frank Sinatra. The man has good taste in vocalists.This week Aldrin is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing while at the same time promoting his new book "Magnificent Desolation." The second man ever to walk on the moon says he is on a mission to get the younger generation interested in space exploration. That's why he recorded a space-themed rap song with Snoop Dogg. I think it's good when a pop figure reaches out to teach, but that depends of course on what they are planning on teaching. Kudos to him for recording a 'rap' with Snoop but I probably won't rush to download it, personally. I found yet more tables and chairs for a client yesterday and think, quite possibly, that if I went into the woods with a small knife I could whittle a table and eight chairs in less time but, you know. Last evening I met with JD who moved into their refurbished and beautiful home a few days ago. Ready to give birth in seven days while also running a household and caring for her adorable one year old daughter while moving is a feat unto itself. Yet she remained upbeat, clever and smiling through our entire visit. Vaseline on the teeth everyone. Retain that showgirl smile. We chose fabric for Roman Shades and the window treatments will really pull the rooms together. On this day in 1956 at New York City's Copacabana Club, ( supposedly the hottest spot north of Havana) Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis performed their last comedy show together. They began performing together on July 25, 1946. This venue was the inspiration for Barry Manilow's hit 'Copacabana'. Please pass the cheese. I still want to know if Lola was a 'real' girl but whatever. The song went Top 5 and Mr. Manilow laughed all the way to the electronically wired cash transfer. Have a great day, sit there so refined and teach the children well. In honor of Barry today's photo is 'Brooklyn Storage Trunks', perfect for feather boa's, vinyl albums and other contraband that is best kept out of sight.
"If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun." Katherine Hepburn