Friday, July 17, 2009

...sticks nix hick pix...

Hi. Beauty day was a success. I'd post photos but all of that glamour may pose a threat to your laptops. I received more Wilton samples yesterday and then searched hi and lo for a wallpaper to match early 1950's blue/green bathroom tile. I accomplished this feat and figure it was an easier day than the groomer had. LaLa's birthday was yesterday so last evening we hung out and had dinner and a great time. It was supposed to rain but held off thankfully so that we got to stay outside. On this day in 1942 some Pennsylvanians were not so lucky as 3' of rain fell, killing 15. It must have looked odd as 3' of water came crashing down. Huh? LM leaves today for her nieces wedding. White lace and promises! It seems like Only Yesterday she was a 19 year old girl. Oh, wait. It was only yesterday! Pictured today is a tufted cocktail ottoman with caster legs. I am having one made in a huge 4' square for NLO but will skip the casters. We don't want it to be used as a vehicle, taking out family members and guests. "Watch out Aunt Hermoine! Here we come!" The sun is shining and the house is relatively quiet. I love summer mornings. I love spring, autumn and winter mornings also so why make that statement? Huh? Anyway, on this day in 1935, Variety Magazine ran the headline STICKS NIX HICK PIX which became one of the most famous headlines ever to appear in an American publication. The article spoke of the reaction of rural audiences to movies about rural life. "Sticks Nix Hick Pix" meant that people in rural areas (sticks") reject ("nix") motion pictures ("pix") about rural life ("hicks"). The conventional wisdom of the movie industry was that themes of upper-class life would not be popular in the countryside; according to the article, this assumption was incorrect. Stevie Nicks was unavailable for comment. Huh? Have a beauty on the inside kind of day and if it makes you glamorous on the outside, that's fine too. Not that it matters all that much. But don't tell the 'boys' I said that!
"I like a woman with a head on her shoulders. I hate necks." Steve Martin