Wednesday, July 28, 2010 the heat of the night

Summer is still going strong. Positive energy to AA and UD in real estate, PS to fight that dastardly cancer, RN for the same. Someone in MN ordered my "Sailboat Wall Plaque" and it is in stock and the last of it's kind. Yippee. She can now have Summer in any season of the year. Bijou took the time to write me a lovely comment regarding his birthday photo and types better with his paws than I do with my hands. He doesn't care for the heat, so Chester County is better for him than Miami. On this day in 1896 the city of Miami, Florida was incorporated. Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine performed at the opening and sold quite a few CD's. Downloading wasn't around yet. The "Iron Scrollwork Mirror" shown today is also in stock and the last of it's kind. Get it while it's hot. I am slowly but surely packing my shop and look forward to working in client's homes and not having to sit there 60 hours per week. It makes no sense and this change is a good one. Stay cool, be nice, have fun. "
The most important thing about Spaceship Earth - an instruction book didn't come with it." R. Buckminster Fuller