Friday, July 9, 2010

...catch a wave

To begin, those of you who received an email from 'me' offering Canadian male enhancement drugs...please refer to a recent post entitled 'spam.' I am not suggesting that eating spam will enhance your male. It's the other kind of spam. Some acts of nature are beyond our control and I would never peddle such things. Large or small. Speaking of large, on this day in 1958 Lituya Bay was hit by a mega-tsunami. The wave was recorded at 524 meters high, the largest in recorded history. What a huge act of nature. The beautiful Kravet Fabric that I am using for a comforter and window treatments found it's way to a darling shoppe somewhere in the Midwest with a similar name. Although the package was addressed and labelled properly, apparently it is my fault and I guess that I should have tied it to my back and walked it there. I am just thankful that several Bridesmaid Dresses were not made from it by mistake, much to the horror of the Bride.
"Be who you are and be that well." Saint Francis de Sales