Friday, July 2, 2010

...have a heart

I was walking the boys this morning when a stranger with a large dog decided to try to walk through the pack. Brilliant! Half asleep, I tried to nicely explain why it isn't a good idea to confront a pack as I juggled 3 leashes in an attempt to keep my boys safe. My words were received with a smirk so I quickly came up with another way to communicate my point. It was successful. Late yesterday I had to bring a large desk home to touch up before delivering to a client. My dear neighbor is away and has someone staying at her house to watch the dogs. He has chosen to park in front of my house continually which made bringing the large desk inside even easier. Think people! And not just about yourselves. Have a heart. We are supposed to be a team in this Universe. On this day in 2001 the 'AbioCor' self contained artificial heart was first implanted. I wonder if I can get a volume discount?
"Common sense is not so common." Voltaire