Tuesday, July 27, 2010

...a festive hat

I received an email from the Vet announcing Prince's upcoming birthday this morning. The little man missed it by a week. Luckily, the next email was from my dear friend EA who sent the picture shown today. Hat's off to everyone who has endured this heatwave without becoming bitchy. Hat's off also to whomever invented air conditioning. Hat's on to Bijou, who celebrated another birthday! He is shown in today's post, after unsuccessfully avoiding hours of paparazzi. The smile is genuine tho' and he is a dear friend. Bijou has a large soft, orange ball that he cleverly named 'Orange' and hits it with his nose repeatedly, until he tires of the game. Bijou is in good company, as many others born on this day are physical in nature. I found him listed in Wikipedia, photo and all.
1981 – Christopher Weselek, German rugby player
1983 – Goran Pandev, Macedonian footballer
1983 – Martijn Maaskant, Dutch cyclist
1985 – Benedita Pereira, Portuguese actress
1985 – Matteo Pratichetti, Italian rugby player
1986 – Courtney Kupets, American gymnast
1986 – Ryan Griffen, Australian rules footballer
1987 – Jordan Hill, American basketball player
1988 – Adam Biddle, Australian footballer
1998 - Bijou, American Orange Ball player

"I'll eat when I'm good and ready" Bijou