Thursday, November 5, 2009

winners and losers

Hello. The pinch pleated side panel sale is going well and I received notice that five windows worth of completed drapery are shipping. The wood hardware is already in so I know what I will be doing in the next few days. Everything is on schedule with no delays, no discontinued items and no problems. It feels good to win, doesn't it? It feels less so to lose, whether the proportions are minute or of a huge scale. On this day in 1937 Adolf Hitler held a secret meeting and stated his plans for acquiring "living space" for the German people. That was a little over 70 years ago and is still hard for me to wrap my brain around it. Bigotries, fear from the ignorant and plain hatred abounded back then and still do today. Two days ago Maine voters narrowly rejected a state law Tuesday that would have allowed same-sex marriage. Marriage is between a man and a woman! Stop trying to make it like you are equal and have the same rights you gays and lesbians! Pay your taxes, work hard, be responsible for your overheads, monthly bills, the laws of the land but keep your freakish needs silent! Maybe we should gather up every abhorrent person on this planet and find ourselves another Hitler-esque commander to fix the problem once and for all. Huh? What? You mean gays and lesbians will keep being born? Not if there are none left to coerce to the 'other side!' Many of the Christian Right are smarter than the rest and know that God doesn't make people gay. If so, then it is a big mistake. And when I say big, I mean that the estimation of gays and lesbians in the world is more than 10 percent. If the current world population is 6.795 billion' that would mean...NO! It can't be! Many people in Philadelphia were majorly, (major league) bummed last night as the New York Yankees beat the Phillies to win the 27th World Series title. There is a camaraderie that kicks in when one cities team escalates in a contest. No matter the outcome it is a great feeling and tends to bring people together. It also takes the stress away momentarily and people can focus on something other than day to day challenges. You win some, you lose some. Have a great day, keep the faith (the real kind) and do your best. Today's photo is my 'Silver Stunning Chandelier'. It's nice sometimes to be vacuous and look at shiny, pretty things.
"If I don't have wisdom, I can teach you only ignorance." Leo Buscaglia