Wednesday, November 18, 2009

...tom waits for no man

Hello. I had to call Peking yesterday to add to an order. I need to be more world travelled. I understand the different US time zones but in this age of Internet communication emails are one thing, but phone courtesy should be followed as well. When family lived in Tuscon it was easy to schedule calls and even calling friends in Kiev can be easy to do once the time differences are remembered. On this day in 1883, American and Canadian railroads instituted five standard continental time zones, ending the confusion of thousands of local times. Yes, it ended confusion! Shown today are a pair of "Chateau Wall Clocks." Depending on how many friends and family members live in different time zones depends on how many pair you should buy. More popular people should contact me for volume discounts. We painted Vapor Blue last evening and the 'boys' show it. Time waits for no man. Doom and Gloom? Have a good day, stay on time, do things in your own time if possible and in the inimitable words of Marilyn Monroe, " I've been on a calendar, but I've never been on time."