Tuesday, November 3, 2009

...time flies

Hi. Was it only a year ago that we were waiting to vote for the next president of the United States? For some reason, it seems much longer than a year. Sometimes time flies, some times it stalls.I have heard it said that everyone has an interesting life, if you leave out the boring parts. There is nothing boring about several historic things that happened on this day. In 1911 Chevrolet officially entered the automobile market in competition with the Ford Model T. In 1913 the United States introduced an income tax, and in 1969 U.S. President Richard M. Nixon addressed the nation on television and radio, asking the "silent majority" to join him in solidarity on the Vietnam War effort and to support his policies. Hmmmm. I stripped yesterday for money. Wallpaper that is. B&G left for Florida but will be back briefly to spend Christmas in Chester County. I truly cannot believe that we are in November but I do love this time of year; especially the Holiday Season. For any Rhianna fans out there, her latest album shows a very different direction musically than she did in her last album - and all her previous albums before that. It is harder and less pop influenced in my opinion. I wonder if her personal life of the past year had anything to do with the change. Probably. Shown today, one of several fireplace screens available on my website. Home is where the hearth is. have a great day.
"But meanwhile time flies; it flies never to be regained." Virgil
(unless you have been unknowingly videotaped and placed on YouTube)...good luck with that!