Friday, November 13, 2009


Hello. I am feeling a bit left out lately. I haven't made a sex tape and now think that I am too long in the tooth to jump on that bandwagon, splinters and all. I think of the advertising and publicity that I have missed. Instead of my Icarus tattoo I could have emblazoned my web address where the current tattoo is located and promote lamps, mirrors, custom drapery and other home fashions while performing, uhm, well, you know. That poor, misunderstood Carrie Prejean. The former Miss California USA threatened to walk off the Larry King Live set (speaking of long in the tooth) when King turned the focus of their interview toward the settlement of her lawsuit with the pageant.During the interview, King asked Prejean why, if the issue of religious discrimination is so important to her, did she settle her suit with the pageant? (In the suit, Prejean asserted that she was dismissed from serving as Miss California USA because of her statements about gay marriage and other hot-button issues.) She would not answer, which is her right but geez, she sent about 15 sex tapes to her then boyfriend and is now using the word 'inappropriate?' Sell that book, hun! On this day in 1987 the first condom commercial appeared on BBC TV. Carrie wasn't in it, she preferred to use other apparatus. Damn those perverted gays and lesbians! Marriage and equal rights? Thank you Carrie for being an upstanding person and letting the world know, by your actions, what exactly is and is not appropriate! Today's photo is the 'Large Black Dahlia Ceramic Obelisk.' Yes, Carrie, it is dishwasher safe
"It's inappropriate and vulgar and absolutely unacceptable to use your private life to sell anything commercially. "Lauren Bacall