Sunday, October 4, 2009


Good day! This is Sunday and it is clear and sunny in Chester County, PA. I spent a little while repairing the Prestige Faux Wood Blind to great success. The wonderful client saw fit to send me a generous gift card to thank me 'cause that is the kind of people they are. I returned home after shop hours to work on wood ringed panels and then hung out with Contessa for a while. I also learned that the Grange TV console that I had chosen for great NO is not wide enough so I will try to find a better selection. I referred to my blog entry of this day last year when I had learned that a friend of theirs who was a client of mine this time last year had died this week at the age of 42 from cancer. Aside from shades and window treatments, they had bought a console from me for TV and other electronics in the family room. Little did I know that the young man would spend practically that entire year in the family room until his early death. Here it is exactly a year later and I am looking for another TV console. *shakes off the negative feeling.* Life is a continuous series of ups and downs and we must remain positive and strong. Speaking of ups and downs, on this day in 1911, the first public elevator ran in London's Earl's Court Metro Station. Wheee! Have a great day everyone. If you don't feel like handpainting your chest for the game today, buy one of mine. Pictured.
"I've never seen a monument erected to a pessimist." Paul Harvey