Tuesday, October 27, 2009

...don't ask, don't tell

Hello. It is cool and raining in Chester County, PA this morning and the boys are not very happy about it. Two have coughs so I chose not to walk them in the bad weather. They are good about using pee pads so if 'someone' has to go inside, don't ask, don't tell on them. Sunday's performance of 'Little Shop of Horrors' was excellent and Emily Walsh, as 'Chiffon' gave an outstanding performance. We all went to Suzanna Foos afterward and had a great time. We put the 'lazy Susan' to good use and I am not referring to my cousin. The musical itself was a nice mix of music, comedy and horror. Speaking of the latter, on this day in 1992 United States Navy radioman Allen R. Schindler, Jr. was brutally murdered by shipmates for being gay, precipitating first military, then national, debate about gays in the military. This resulted in the United States "Don't ask, don't tell" military policy. Everyone should know by now that gay men can only cut hair and put on fabulous dinner parties. Lesbians only wear flannel shirts and excel in softball and Lacrosse. Why should these freaks be allowed to fight for our country? I am simply stating fact. I will continue. Asians are always seen with cameras around their necks, African Americans favor fried chicken and grape soda. All Italians are involved in the Mob. Polish people are plain and simple, Jewish folks are parsimonious, overweight people are all jolly, the Irish drink too much and Latinos only eat spicy foods. Have I left anyone out? Pun intended. Have a great day, keep those bigotries nurtured and make sure to judge any and everyone at every opportunity.
"Go forth a conqueror and win great victories." Virgil