Monday, August 3, 2009

Hi. We have an early window treatment installation this morning so I will be brief. Did I just hear many sighs of relief? Yesterday we travelled a bit to install an Empire Swag and ended up having one of the best days ever; a relaxing, artistically satisfying and wonderful time. Thanks Buffy! Little white tot even got a new dog bed and spread his tiny body out last night so that no one else could share it with him. That li'l bugger! He made his rounds when I finally got home, reaching the speed of light with his hairpin turns. When he sets sail, batten down the hatches. On this day in 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue from Palos de la Frontera, Spain. Work those waterways Chris and open up a whole new world. Those preferring to drive the many highways and bi ways had an easier time of it after this day in 1900 as Firestone Tire and Rubber was founded. Today I am installing in old solid plaster walls and it should be a real 'blast'. Hopefully I will not need to do same. I am installing board mounted balloon valances that some call 'Cloud Valances' but I usually don't. Growing up I used to buy a certain magazine every week and saved my pennies so that I could take it upstairs and read it in total privacy. I wanted no interruptions at all, having a strong need to fully concentrate on what was between the covers. Thar's right! On this day in 1958 The Billboard Hot 100 was founded. I followed that rag religiously and still do somewhat on the Internet. You may be asking how that refers to travel and this is how I see it. There has to be a great feeling watching your record travel up to the #1 position on the Billboard chart. Maybe one day I will put a blog post to music and whistle it. Cross your fingers and wish me luck. Have a great day, get out there and see something that you have never seen before whether it be on foot, by vehicle or on the water.
"It is better to travel well than to arrive." Buddha