Friday, August 14, 2009

...cheesy behavior...

Greetings. Yesterday went quite well as I single, or double handledly delivered and installed two large area rugs with padding. I had to move both the Living and Dining room furniture but it worked out well. I make the gym a regular routine for both the mental and the physical benefits it provides. I then hung collectible hand painted tiles and a few pieces of framed art and am almost completely finished this project. Later in the day the clients invited me to dinner and, all except for a loud, crass business associate had a very nice time. Downing two large Manhattans in a short amount of time caused the usual 'earthy' behavior to be even less tolerable. But the rugs looked great. On this day in 1997 convicted Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh was formally sentenced to death and I had the same somewhat negative wishes for said business associate late yesterday. I install window treatments for my best friend who also has a design firm and am happy to do so. A firm from Georgia phoned to ask if I would install for them late today as they had made the wrong sized window treatments and ordered the incorrect types of drapery hardware for a new apartment house in this area. How do people do this? I told them on Wednesday that I would clear my evening for them and guess what? I have yet to hear from them so tonight I will spend time with friends which I much prefer. The landscapers are here so I may need to cut short this blog and quiet the animals. Have a great day and if someone gives you a back handed compliment, use yours. Pictured today is the 'Swedish Country Vanity'. The Swiss do much more than make cheese.
"Age is not important unless you're a cheese." Helen Hayes