Tuesday, August 4, 2009

...tofu, batons and champagne...

Hi. Ohhhh my head. Kidding. Somewhat. The drapery installation went fine yesterday and was quite a simple task. The Balloon Valances were board mounted and even tho' I was drilling into solid plaster walls it wasn't too hard a task to complete. The hard part was when the client asked me to hang small pieces of framed art. Have you ever hung wall art into plaster when the little hook thingies at the top of the art are not placed in the same location? They were anywhere from 1" to .00987654" in difference and that made measuring a real blast! When all was said and done everything was level, equally spaced and beautiful. I could have used the hammer for another reason but chose to protect my karma. Last evening was Martini Monday and ohhh my head. Kidding. Somewhat. I fare better than if I had had something sweet like a Rum and Coke or Champagne. What a lightweight. And a bit of a whiner, but we had the best time. JF made tofu hors devours and we did devour them. Then onto the chicken and tomatoes direct from the garden. Just the tomatoes, not the chicken. I am in suburbia but let's not get crazy. Anyway, on this day in 1693 Dom Perignon supposedly invented champagne. Thanks Dom. We could never have rung in the New Year without you! Or breakfast for that matter. Kidding. Somewhat. The bound and bordered area rugs arrive this morning and I have to say, it was a very short turn around time. Gold, cream and sage green comprise the runners and area rugs and will pull together the Living, Dining and Foyer areas not to use the word area too many times...I am still waiting on three needlepoint rugs and a chenille bordered sisal rug and then that phase of the job will be complete. One of my neighbors just reported to me that she enjoyed the music from last night. Yikes. I try to keep it down but when "It's The Falling In Love" by Michael Jackson comes on, it needs to be volumized. Luckily I am surrounded by great neighbors and we all get along famously. Oh yeah, on this day in 1993 a federal judge sentenced two LAPD officers to 30 months in prison for violating motorist Rodney King's civil rights. Someone had a video cam on them and filmed the entire brutal attack. He was struck repeatedly with batons and I immediately thought of a place where he could have stuck them. Stand tall and straight officers! But maybe that's just me. I had better get going here. I have rugs to receive. Have a great day and if someone starts to strike you with a baton, strike back. If they offer you champagne and tofu, accept graciously but don't overindulge. I am kidding. Somewhat. Today's picture is a "Cherry Coir Mat". Bing would have loved it.
"You create your opportunities by asking for them." Shakti Gawain