Thursday, December 17, 2009

...time flies when

Hello. I heard 'Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer' again and it still saddens me as this was Max's favorite song. It is still very different 'cause he is not physically here but I did see him on the sofa two nights ago. I was sober. Speaking of loss, I sent Dee Solitario my annual Christmas card and mybad, I am always so busy that the weeks fly. I received a card in response from her wonderful daughter who told me that Dee had died suddenly last August 26th. Dee rescued and housed dogs as her livelihood. She also had the battle of battles when eminent domain took her lovely home and property and was always kind, decent, caring and wonderful. I looked back to my blog from last year on August 26th to see if I had any 'feeling' about her sudden death because I am usually pretty good in that regard. I never wrote a blog on that day. Then I looked on August 27th, and there it was. Read if you want but it isn't necessary. Dee sent her regards to me and I felt them. Rest in Peace Dee! I will hold this years' Santa ornament in safe keeping. (She collected them.) I will not be surprised if it gets moved. Dee had a wonderful sense of humor. Now for safety tips during this Holiday Season.

Maintain holiday lights. Avoid overloading electrical outlets.
Use only nonflammable decorations that are placed away from heat vents and if using an artificial tree, make sure it's flame retardant and preferably not that hideous silver. I'm kidding.
Avoid using candles when unsupervised, sort of like small children and demented old oddities.
Select a fresh Christmas tree and keep it in water at all times; needles on fresh trees should be green and should not fall off easily.
Make a fire safety plan with an escape route; and practice doing it. This can also provide entertainment if you ring the bell at 3 in the morning and awaken people from a deep sleep. I don't recommend it, but it could prompt a few giggles. Just make sure you have received all of your gifts first.

Please also keep in mind the use of space heaters. There should be at least 36 inches of clear space between anything that can catch fire. Malfunctioning fire places or furnaces are also sources of danger. Homeowners and office managers should make sure they get their furnaces and fireplaces primed and ready for the winter. A lot of times smoke detectors aren't working or aren't even there, so please make the time to check these instruments and either replace the battery or replace the units altogether. I know that in some places the economy is a bit rough, so instead of that extra sweater for Aunt Nell, get the place safe. She will be fine. Please keep in mind that smoke kills more two and four legged people than the fire or flames.
I report this information out of love and caring for humankind. And if there are some not nice people who read this blog, it goes for you too. Just 'cause you may be a little mean doesn't determine that you need to suffer.
Have a great day and please try to take nothing for granted. Time flies.
"Only do what your heart tells you." Princess Diana