Friday, May 28, 2010 of art

Do your best. Whether your career involves studying cells, painting walls, teaching or many other vocations, it is always best to do your best. A macaroni casserole can be a work of art if you put your all into creating it. On this day in 1999, in Milan, Italy, after 22 years of restoration work, Leonardo da Vinci's masterpiece The Last Supper was put back on display. If you look closely at Jesus, right facing, you can see a macaroni casserole and the hint of an 'Almond Joy' candy wrapper. What a surprise! Speaking of surprises, here is a Nolah update for those of you following her daily routine. She awoke from a nap and Mommy went to get her out of her crib. The little darling pointed across the room and said, "Momma, fuck!" Needless to say the blood drained from Mommy's face. Nolah repeated, "What, No No?" "Fuck!!!! Peeeeeeeese?" Finally, Mommy just put her on the floor and the little doll ran to her dresser and picked up her fuck - it is green and goes "ribbit!"
In addition to practicing her counting, they are now working on the diphthong "fr" Today I will begin painting, reupholstering and creating polka dotted swags and chair covers for a soon-to-be bedroom work of art. Take that da Vinci!
Update: "Whatchu talking 'bout?" I am talking about Gary Coleman, the child star of the TV sitcom Diff'rent Strokes, who died today after suffering an inter cranial hemorrhage. He was 42. Utah Valley Regional Medical Center spokeswoman Janet Frank said that life support was terminated and Coleman died at 12:05 p.m.
Coleman was hospitalized Wednesday after falling and suffering a head injury at his home south of Salt Lake City, according to family members. Rest in peace, Mr. Coleman. You brought laughter and entertainment from inside and outside the television set and left a lasting impression on popular culture. Not many can make that claim.

"Silence is one of the hardest arguments to refute." Josh Billings