Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Yearn For An Urn

Check out this new urn in a beautiful copper finish! (19.25"h x 19"w x 16.25") It had been backordered but is thankfully now back in stock and ready to ship! This time of year many of us are spending more time outside rather than in but let's not lose our focus on accessories. Garden and lawn adornments can sometimes add just the right touch to the indoors also. Speaking of urns... on this day in 2004 Ronald Reagan's funeral was held at Washington National Cathedral. Yesterday the temperature hit almost 100 degrees and last night we had one heck of a storm. Power was lost by many in Chester County, PA as the air cooled and strong winds blew. We lived by candlelight for a little while and it was great to hear nothing but a howling wind, rustling trees and a few whines from the 4-legged housemates. My Vintage Looking Pedestal Urn is also an accessory that may be placed both indoors and outdoors. Isn't decorating fun! Just don't start bringing the custom drapery outdoors; unless it is waterproof. More tomorrow!