Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Green Sofas Sitting Pretty

It's a warm one in Chester County, PA today! It will probably hit the mid nineties by afternoon. I made sure to have the ac on at home for the boys even tho' I'd rather do without it. Last night I went to Primavera with several friends and had a very nice time. The place sits in the middle of a huge strip mall and it's sort of odd, but once you are inside the walls of the place, (and after a glass of wine) you can sort of displace yourself from a mall and imagine a more glamorous locale. Ahhhh, Suburbia. Yesterday a client stopped in to place an order for two moss green sofas. Pretty! I am currently wrestling with a window treatment design so wish me luck! I plan on powerwashing late today if time allows,then delivering a loveseat tomorrow so I have a fun-filled weekend planned. Hopefully you do too. Please say a prayer for HB and her close ones as she sits shiva this evening. Shiva is a seven-day period of MOURNING which follows the death of a relative. During this period ordinary work is prohibited, and sexual intercourse is forbidden. The mourners sit without shoes on low stools or on the floor - this is referred to as 'sitting shivah'. It is usual for friends to make visits to the mourners' home to offer prayers and condolences. On a lighter note, on this day in 1892 Benjamin Harrison becomes the first President of the United States to attend a baseball game. I think that Joan Rivers caught a fly ball behind right field at this game, but I am not sure. Have a great weekend everyone!