Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Graber LightWeaves® Roller Shades

Posting twice in one day? Eghads! But I have to. My wonderful Graber Shade and drapery Hardware rep. who is anything but Boring saved the day twice. First, I ordered 6 curtain rods on Friday and they arrived today. Secondly, I have a client who needs her LightWeaves Roller Shades in Bamboo and the sample book also arrived today. I think Samantha Stevens from 'Bewitched" wasn't as fast in making magic happen. Then UPS arrived with two brand new upholstery weight fabric books from Barrow. This fabric house pushes the line between traditional, transitional and contemporary and their line is great. Check out 'Pompidou Bamboo' (Bamboo is all the rage lately, even Bamboo flooring. Just ask Paul.)It is from a book called Urban Accents and it is the leadoff fabric. Just thought I'd mention this.