Wednesday, April 21, 2010

...take a letter Maria/Martin

Happy Administrative Professionals Day everyone! (What was once called Secretary's Day, since 1952.) I personally have no Administrative is easier and faster to do it myself in my case only. This position is not for the faint of heart tho'. It could be compared to Motherhood, but is usually not a 24/7 proposition.That would depend on who you are assisting I guess. "Coir Mats" are selling via my website along with "Club Chairs" and "Ottomans". My mechanical talents were a success on Sunday, as I replaced my alternator but defective merchandise abounds in many arenas. I was driving home quite late these past several nights and noticed my large truck, as did everyone else on the road at that hour, blinking and strobing like an 80's disco. That's a whole lotta party! With the large black vehicle and tinted windows I could have been mistaken for a, well, please refer...not reefer, to yesterday's blog. "K & S Auto" came to my rescue, as they usually do and replaced the alternator in record time. Talk about reliable assistance! Have a good day. Take a letter.
"Man is not made for defeat." Ernest Hemingway