Sunday, April 11, 2010

...keeps the doctor away

Drapery Hardware is a necessity when hanging drapery. This statement may not be as important as Einstein's Theory of Relativity that was released on this day in 1905. The young couple who visited me yesterday are very nice. I am guessing that we may become friends. I am typing from my PC and yet, on this day in 1976 the Apple I was created. I babysat last night and everyone was well behaved, including myself. We had birthday cake, jumped on the trampoline and watched 'Old Dogs.' I think that I talked the wife out of tossing an antique sideboard and into painting it in a weathered white and placing it in her kitchen. It will look great and also service her ceramic collection. Keep the bees away KJ! The landscapers came while I was away so no outdoor work needs to be done. Since Jimmy Buffet is playing, it may soon be time for a Pina Colada. I have heard that it keeps the doctor least temporarily."Seablue Bouyant Glass Floats" shown today. Whatever floats your boat!
"We are riding in a boat to sail." Karen Carpenter