Friday, April 16, 2010


Hi. Ever feel nervous or stressed? You know what I mean. Do you ever experience, or should I say, "are you experienced" in a raised body temperature, sweating, loss of appetite, increased hear rate, sleeplessness, dry mouth? Personally I do everything in my power to avoid these sensations. On this day in 1943 Dr. Albert Hofmann discovered the psychedelic effects of LSD. It was a popular drug of choice for a while and people would use blotters and stamps to get their high. Being health conscious, I prefer a martini every once in a while...but that's just me. The seafoam wall to wall carpeting is scheduled to be installed at the end of next week. "Beach House Pillows" are doing well still via my website as are "Rustic Ceramics." It must be the time of year. Have fun today and if you are sending a letter post mail, be cautious when licking stamps. "Mazaltan Floor Vases" shown. 'Mazaltan means "place of the deer" by the way. That should save you from Googling it.
"All the rivers run into the sea; yet the sea is not full." King Solomon