Friday, April 9, 2010

...on record

"This call is being taped for security or training purposes." Are they asking or telling us? The other day I fielded the upteenth call of that nature as I stopped running a business to deal in the frivolity. When I again heard this (threat) warning, I began to sing a song that I had written many, many years ago. The lyric is rather weak, and my voice, without instrumental accompaniment probably sounded empty to the caller. She hung up on me. Since the call was being taped, and I would have to search high and low to find my old demo cassette, I thought it a perfect time to record the song to again have it on record. Did you know that, on this day in 1860, the oldest audible sound recording of a human voice was recorded? It wasn't me though. I didn't record until a few short years later. DJ is still in Florida and yes, those are her real initials. I didn't make them up to coincide with this 'recording' blog. She will experience 'sheer delight' upon her return as I will install many, many sheer white voile window treatments. I won't however, record her cry of glee. Some things should remain private.
"I have tried sex with both men and women. I found I liked it." Dusty Springfield