Tuesday, April 6, 2010

...ah, nature

I was outside on my deck painting a shelf semi gloss white. As you know, birds do it...bees do it and sometimes in mid-air. Two bees flew into the gallon of paint that I was using and I quickly picked them out of the paint and set them onto a piece of cardboard. I then spent the next several minutes washing them off much like people do to ducks when oil spills occur. I pray that they are ok. I then took the paint inside and finished the job. I also pick errant worms up off of the sidewalk and toss them back onto the grass. Call me crazy. It certainly won't be the first time. Those chunky bees reminded me that, on this day in 1869, celluloid was patented. From that moment on people have been desperately trying to rid themselves of it; especially on the upper thigh area. Get your guitar pick and strum along to that! I think of Max daily still, some might find that odd, especially when I see an unfair act of nature. Like bees in paint. Ah, if I were King for just one day...I still couldn't change everything. Bee kind to nature, love thy neighbor, (but not in that way) and keep the peace. "Three Shelf Garden Wall Rack" shown.
"The right man is the one who seizes the moment."
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe