Friday, January 29, 2010

...The Raven

Hi. On this day in 1845 "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe was published in the New York Evening Mirror. Poe wanted to reach both critical and commercial success with this writing. The lead character is a mourning narrator who is visited by a talking Raven, and traces the man's slow descent into madness.

I found Karen Carpenters' Autopsy Report. For many years some of the pages were 'missing'. The day that she died she was supposed to sign the final divorce papers ending a 14 month marriage to a man who apparently took her for a lot of cash. Her death was due to 'a heart attack brought on by Anorexia Nervosa' but what I find odd, and I am not a what is stated in that report. "multiple needle puncture marks are seen in the groin bilaterally. The toe nails contain clear polish. The arms are thin. An intravenous needle is present in the right antecubital fossa. Fresh needle marks are seen in both wrists and on the back of the right hand."
Yesterday was the funeral of a young man and dear friend of my dear neighbor LS.
"He was having trouble with drinking and drugs. His parent's and family tried everything. Finally his dad kicked him out of the house when he found needles lying around. That is what his dad said. Everyone else seems to not believe he would do this because he was an athlete and smart, He went to Temple, very outgoing and fun to be around. Always happy. He and his friends were having a party at their house and the friends put him to bed because he was so drunk. They found him later hanging from a bar on his window. He had a girlfriend also. My sister found out his last post on Facebook was: I'm so drunk I don't know or remember anything. So did he do this because he really was at a loss or do you think it was a mistake. no one will ever know now."
Surround yourselves with caring people everyone. If you can't find someone, seek professional help. Rich, poor, young, old...many of us receive visits from The Raven. It is not abnormal. But it is paramount to hit these demons head on. Pray, live, help others. Have a good day. If you encounter a stranger with cold eyes, just give a smile. They may have had a recent visitor and your kindness could go a long way.
Today's photo is "Best Friend Tassel." Even if you don't buy one from my website, be one to someone.
"To love someone deeply gives you strength. Being loved by someone deeply gives you courage." Lao Tzu