Saturday, January 15, 2011

...image is everything

I'm sure you have all heard about that dastardly stunt pulled by Kate Perry's husband. Russell Brand posted a photo of his beloved wife Katy Perry on his Twitter account, without any make-up. Almost as bad, on this day in 1947 the brutalized corpse of Elizabeth Short ("The Black Dahlia") was found in Leimert Park, Los Angeles. As our Pop Culture seems to need, this American woman and the victim of a gruesome and much-publicized murder, acquired the moniker posthumously by newspapers in the habit of nicknaming crimes they found particularly colorful. Short was found mutilated, her body sliced in half at the waist. Heinous by any standard, at least 'stars without makeup' doesn't result in death...well, maybe to his/her career.
Gotta run now. I am still in my jammies and my apparently "visually offensive" ski cap with ears still adorns my head and I swear that I hear the click, click, click of a camera. Shown today is the photo for Karen Carpenters solo album. This album was purposely styled to help get Karen out of the ridiculous wholesome good girl image that ultimately aided in ruining her life. Note how the record company chose to put her head in a 'square'? Even in death she could not win that battle.
"Time, which changes people, does not alter the image we have retained of them."
Marcel Proust