Sunday, February 6, 2011


Where there's smoke...well, where there isn't is in Federal Buildings and most restaurants.On this day in 1987 no-smoking rules took effect in federal buildings. Many had been complaining for years about second hand pot smoke. People claimed that it made their brains foggy and were soon craving Doritos and Tastykake treats. I was never one to smoke pot, but to each his own. Since that day, no one could light up a doobie and smoke in the courtyards of federal buildings and within 25 feet of doorways and intake ducts on the outside of federal buildings. So far, I don't think that there is a law prohibiting martinis from being sipped but I cannot verify this. Have fun, do things in moderation and remember, where there's smoke, there's fire ie:
if it looks like something is wrong, something probably is wrong. Follow the instincts that you were born with and believe in yourself. High, or not.
"When deeds speak, words are nothing." Pierre-Joseph Proudhon