Wednesday, December 22, 2010

...under the mistletoe

Mistletoe is the common name for a group of hemi-parasitic plants in the order Santalales that grow attached to and within the branches of a tree or shrub. They are easily recognized by their smooth-edged oval evergreen leaves borne in pairs along the woody stem, and waxy white berries in dense clusters of 2 to 6. We all know mistletoe as the branch that you use as an excuse to smooch under! Pucker up, it's that time again! This time of year brings out warm feelings and the home and hearth attitude. It also brings out the crazy if you imbibe too much spiked egg nog. So watch who you are smooching underneath the mistletoe at you company Holiday party. Interestingly, on this day in 1809 the Non-Intercourse Act was passed by congress. Google it. It is not what you think.
"I'd luv to kiss ya, but I just washed my hair." Bette Davis