Wednesday, August 25, 2010 in the moon

It is oddly Autumnal in Chester County, PA. Weeks of hot temperatures have given way to coolness. Even some leaves have begun to fall. It may be a hoax from Mother Nature tho'. My guess is that it will get hot again. I have figured out how to get my Bichon to eat. I tear pieces of cheese and place them on top of his food. He still thinks that the Moon is made of cheese, but he's still little. "The Great Moon Hoax" was a series of six articles that were published in the New York Sun beginning on August 25, 1835, about the supposed discovery of life and even civilization on the Moon. That supposed 'life' was part human, part bat with strange wings attached to backs. The stuff that dreams are made of. Better yet, nightmares. The discoveries were falsely attributed to Sir John Herschel, perhaps the best-known astronomer of his time. What a teaser! Tonight's moon will be 99% full as last night was a completely full one. Cheese or not, howl at it. Shown today? Board mounted, Box Pleated Valance.
"They succeed, because they think they can." Virgil