Wednesday, August 18, 2010

...for the record

I sometimes work with a gentleman named Mike with slow processing skills. He does not have good personal hygiene, and at about 45 years of age, can act like a small child. He is hearing impaired which also affects his speech so communications can be tough. He is also amazingly adept at repetitive actions and can do these kinds of tasks to perfection. There is a place for him in this world and it is a beautiful thing. I would miss him if things change. When we do work together and something goes awry he gets very upset, flailing his arms and yelling out loud as if a bomb had gone off. Trust me, one does get used to this. Speaking of bombs and for the 'record'... Karen and Richard Carpenter are back in the news. Here is the link for a giggle or two. On this day in 1941 Adolf Hitler ordered a temporary halt to Nazi Germany's systematic T4 euthanasia program of the mentally ill and the handicapped due to protests. Hitler may have changed his way of thinking without protest had he too met Mike.
"Nobody can bring you peace but yourself." Ralph Waldo Emerson