Friday, April 1, 2011

...chew on this

Today is the day when we let out the 'li'l prankster' in us! April Fools! Innocent hoaxes, tricks and other clever ideas will make people laugh, puzzle and perhaps even attempt to repay you! Remember to keep things light and fun. Here are a few of my favorite April Fool pranks.

1) Hot-wire your ex's car and drive it to a vacant parking lot. Preferably to another city; better yet, another state.

2)Tape magnets to the bottom of an empty coffee cup, and attach it to the top of your car. Laugh at all the people who frantically try to get your attention as you drive by. This is even funnier if you are the proud parent of an infant. Attach magnets to the bottom of the car carrier, set the little dumpling on the roof of your vehicle and drive like mad.

3)If the victim has a phone with a hook that presses down when the handset is in the cradle, tape it down. When he or she answers a call it will keep ringing. Make sure to dial them incessantly to insure many calls and much frustration.

4)Has your victim been working on an important document on their computer? Carefully hide the document in a safe place, then create a fake document with the same name. Fill the document with foul language or a funny story. At the bottom put "April Fool's!" Or don't, and see if the document gets emailed to Corporate!

5) While we are on the subject of computers, this one is sure to touch a nerve. If the victim uses Microsoft Word, go into the victim's computer and change the auto-correct feature so it misspells common words. Just open Word, choose "Auto-Correct Options" from the Tools menu, and have it replace common words like "the" and "and" with wacky words like "fuckhead" or "asshole." Be creative.

On this day in 1891 The Wrigley Company was founded in Chicago, Illinois. Hey, does that come in pepper flavor?

"A well-developed sense of humor is the pole that adds balance to your steps as you walk the tightrope of life." William Arthur Ward